Iris Giannakopoulou Karamouzi

Iris Giannakopoulou Karamouzi

PhD Candidate · History & Theory


Iris Giannakopoulou Karamouzi is a Ph.D. candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture at Yale University. She studies the relationship between architecture and politics in the postwar period. Her dissertation examines how the censorious climate of the early Cold War years impacted the practice, discourse, and overall culture of architecture in the United States. Her previous academic work involves spatial histories of radicalism in modern architectural design and urban planning practices, as well as the historical avant-garde movements’ significance in shaping individual and collective political possibilities. She holds a Diploma of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (2014) where she is a licensed architect and a Master of Science Degree in Architecture Design as a Fulbright Scholar from the MIT School of Architecture (2018).

Project Summary

Project Title: “Modern Architecture Under Fire:” Censorship and the Conflict of Aesthetic Ideologies in Cold War America, 1946–1959

Research Area Keywords

architecture, politics, culture, ideology, avant-gardes, modernism