Exhibition Credits | Títulos de Crédito

February 10, 2022 – March 5, 2022

Sobremesa: Distillations of Latin Culture through Storytelling

Sobremesa is an exhibition that provides a platform for Latin anecdotes, cultures, territories, and identities, explored and contextualized through the discourse of Latin narratives and artifacts. The collection presented in the gallery raises awareness of Latin American historical and contemporary stories and issues while reinforcing a sense of belonging, both within the Yale School of Architecture and society at large.

Through the introduction of the cultural practice of Sobremesa, the exhibition creates and facilitates selected narratives of Latin identity through the topics of Latinidad and storytelling. The curation of the artifacts showcases the variety of diasporic identities originating from Latin America. While the concept of Sobremesa represents the table that ties us as a collective unit, the Sillas introduces the individual’s story into the space, reinforcing the act of home-making. The necessity to carve out a safe place for engaging conversations within our existing physical, emotional and social spaces allows for students to become more integrated designers within Rudolph Hall.

Exhibition Credits | Títulos de Crédito

Presented by / Presentado por
Latin YSoA

Curation / Coordinación
Carlos H. Blanco (M. Arch I ‘23)
Andrea Sánchez Moctezuma (M. Arch II ‘23)
Ana Amelia Batlle Cabral (M. Arch I ‘23)
Oswaldo E. Chinchilla (M. Arch I ‘24)
Paulina Beron (M. Arch I ‘24)
Claudia Ansorena (M. Arch II ‘22)
Aleksa Milojevic (M. Arch II ‘23)

Graphic Designer / Diseño Gráfico
Ana Lobo (MFA ‘22)

Sponsor / Patrocinador
Yale School of Architecture Exhibitions Fund

Institutional Partners / Compañeros Institucionales
Yale School of Architecture
La Casa Cultural at Yale University

Special Thanks to / Agradecimientos Especiales a
Andrew Benner
Alison Walsh
Dean Deborah Berke
Ana María Durán Calisto