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May 20, 2018 – August 11, 2018

[NOW] Year End Exhibition of Student Work

The Yale School of Architecture Gallery is proud to present the work of graduate and undergraduate architecture students from the 2017–18 academic year. The work in this show demonstrates a wide range of disciplinary, extra-disciplinary, formal and representational interests, reflecting the school’s foundational belief that architecture is never one thing, but instead a constellation of possibilities and that architects first and foremost must dedicate themselves to the physical expression of human values and the production of appropriate settings for human activity. At Yale the act of building is paramount.

The exhibit is organized as follows. The North Gallery showcases the work of the first year and second year Core Studios. Students in the first two years of professional training tackle a variety of design problems at different scales of complexity. A highlight of the Core is the Jim Vlock Building Project, a program participated in by all first year students who design and build supportive housing for the formerly homeless in a New Haven neighborhood. The 2018 proposals for this year’s Jim Vlock Building Project are on display in the North West Alcove.

The Center Gallery exhibits the projects of this year’s graduating M.Arch I and M.Arch II (post-professional) students as well as Ph.D. and M.E.D. students. The work of graduating Yale College seniors majoring in architecture is also included to the West.

Projects of the H.I. Feldman Prize nominees, displayed in the South Gallery, were selected by critics in the school’s graduate Advanced Studios. The H.I. Feldman Prize, selected by vote of the entire design faculty, is awarded to that project that demonstrates “the best solution of an architectural problem, taking into consideration, the practical, functional and aesthetic requirements of that problem.”

While building design work is the principal feature of the exhibit, fabrication projects, hand and digital drawings, models, books, and written work developed for lecture classes and seminars are included, reflecting our conviction that the education of an architect in the modern world needs to be broad based as well as immersive.

Deborah Berke

Andrew Benner ‘03
Director of Exhibitions

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Andrew Benner ‘03
Director of Exhibitions

Alison Walsh
Exhibitions Coordinator


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