Alberto Kalach

Visiting Professor

Thinker, builder, preserver, Alberto Kalach and his youthful lab- T.A.X.-have forged their place in contemporary architecture by creating spaces the celebrate the creative process itself. With a practical yet playful dialogue between growth and simplicity, texture and light, all grays spring green and structures flow organic-by fractally turning the garden into the heart of their dancing geometry, while letting light breathe in, with weaving wild materials-soothing in the most tactile ways…be it for life, work, or simply art´s sake…this workshop is learning team, set for discovery, where only what gets loved-gets built.

Kalach’s concern for the emerging problems of the big city is very often reflected in his work: the $5,000 minimum house, his housing complexes or the largest project ever conceived for the Mexico Valley Basin, called “Mexico: Ciudad Futura" (Return to the city of lakes), which encompasses the city as a whole, studied through his Geography. Among his most outstanding projects is the José Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City, the largest public library in Latin America.

Universidad Iberoamericana, 1977-81
Cornell University, 1983-85


Fall 2023
Carlos Zedillo Velasco, Alberto Kalach, Andrei Harwell