In this interdisciplinary clinic taught between the School of Architecture, School of Law, and School of Management, and organized by the Yale Urban Design Workshop, students gain hands-on, practical experience in architectural and urban design, development and social entrepreneurship while contributing novel solutions to the housing affordability crisis. Working in teams directly with local community-based non-profits, students co-create detailed development proposals anchored by affordable housing, but which also engage with a range of community development issues including environmental justice, sustainability, resilience, social equity, identity, food scarcity, mobility, and health. Through seminars and workshops with Yale faculty and guest practitioners in the field, students are introduced to the history, theory, issues, and contemporary practices in this field, and receive direct feedback on their work. Offered in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) as part of the Connecticut Plan for Healthy Cities, proposals have the opportunity to receive funding from the State both towards the implementation of rapidly deployed pilot projects during the course period, as well as towards predevelopment activities for larger projects, such as housing rehabilitation or new building construction. Students interact with the Connecticut Commissioner of Housing and the Connecticut Green Bank.

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Fall 2022
Housing Connecticut: Developing Healthy/Sustainable Neighborhoods
Alan Plattus, Andrei Harwell, Kate Cooney, Anika Singh Lemar