Yale Architecture commencement 2018
Image by John Jacobson.


Professor King-lui Wu Teaching Award (2006)

Awarded each year to a faculty member who combines architectural practice with outstanding teaching. Recipients are selected by the vote of graduating students. The following faculty members have received the award:

Thomas H. Beeby 2007
Keith Krumwiede 2008
Alexander Purves 2009
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen 2010
Sunil Bald 2011
Deborah Berke 2012
Peter de Bretteville 2013
Emmanuel Petit 2014
Adam Hopfner 2015
George Knight 2015
Trattie Davies 2016
Kyle Dugdale 2016
Emily Abruzzo 2017
Miroslava Brooks 2018
Surry Schlabs 2019
Elihu Rubin 2020
Nikole Bouchard 2021
Anthony Acciavatti 2022
Bryan Fuermann 2023


William Wirt Winchester Fund (1895)

Established by Mrs. Jane Ellen Winchester and Mrs. Hannah Bennett as a memorial to their son and brother, William Wirt Winchester. Awarded each year to the graduate student in architecture whose academic performance has been consistently at the highest level, who has displayed the most promise and potential for a future professional role, and who has completed a piece of distinguished independent work. This award provides an opportunity for study and travel outside the United States and is considered to be the School’s most prestigious award. Since 1965, the following students have been awarded the William Wirt Winchester Traveling Fellowship:

John I. Pearce and Alexander Purves, 1965
John Wood Galston, 1966
Henry John Gilbert Hawthorn, 1967
Robert Terry Renfro, 1968
Meinhardt J.D. Christiansen Jr, 1969
Roland F. Bedford, 1970
Ray Steven Oliver, 1971
Carison Wade, 1972
John Paul Chadwick Floyd, 1973
Hillary Ann Brown, 1974
James Howard Jorgenson, 1975
Stefani Danes Ledewitz, 1976
Kevin Lichten, 1977
Frederic MacN. Ball, 1978
Kevin Hart, 1979
Turan Duda, 1980
Brian E. Healy, 1981
John A. Boecker, 1982
Frank M. Lupo, 1983
Michael R. Davis, 1984
Robert L. Bostwick, 1985
John B. Tittmann, 1986
Douglas A. Garofalo, 1987
Alan W. Organschi, 1988
William Franklin Conway, 1989
Stephen Ellson Brockman, 1990
Sophie Harvey, 1991
Larry Cohen, 1992
Nora E. Demeter, 1993
Andrew David Reeder, 1994
Laura Y. King, 1995
Kumiko Inui, 1996
Leah S. Hall, 1997
Jennifer H. Bloom, 1998
Benjamin William de Rubertis, 1998
Jonathan David Bolch, 1999
Brian Papa, 2000
Robert T. Zirkle, 2001
Ameet N. Hiremath, 2002
Jonathan A. Toews, 2003
Katherine Elizabeth Davies, 2004
Ralph Colt Bagley IV, 2005
Christopher Ray Kitterman, 2006
Gregorio Santamaria Lubroth, 2007
Dana L. Getman, 2008
Parsa Khalili, 2009
Carlos Felix Raspall Galli, 2010
Daniel Gregory Markiewicz, 2011
Miroslava Brooks, 2012
Sara Francis Gill, 2013
Kathleen Bridget Stranix, 2014
Karolina Maria Czȩczek, 2015
Vittorio F. Lovato, 2016
Heather Jean Bizon, 2017
Claire Louise Haugh, 2018
Ryan Hughes, 2019
Sharmin Bhagwagar, 2019
Rhea Isobel Schmid, 2020
Jerome John Tryon, 2020
Rebecca Leah Commissaris, 2021
Leyi Zhang, 2021
Samar Halloum, 2022
Janelle Schmidt, 2022
Kyle W. Coxe, 2023
Inhwan Tae, 2023

Gertraud A. Wood Traveling Fund (1983)

Established by Gertraud A. Wood’s husband, Leonard Wood, as well as Mrs. Wood’s friends and associates. Mrs. Wood was the administrative assistant to three deans of the School of Architecture from 1967 through 1981. Awarded each year to an outstanding second-year student in the first professional degree program on financial aid for travel outside of the United States. The following students have been awarded the Gertraud A. Wood Traveling Fellowship:

Michael Davis, 1983
Chariss McAfee, 1984
Margaret Virginia Chapman, 1985
Jennifer Tate, 1986
Camilo Alberto Gonzalez, 1987
Stephen Donald Luoni, 1988
Frieda Margarite Menzer, 1989
Lisa Joyce Quatrale, 1990
Robert Schultz, 1991
Gitta Robinson, 1992
John Bertram, 1993
Michael Benjamin Levy, 1994
Steven Andrew Roberts, 1995
Victor Agran, 1996
Dean Sakamoto, 1997
Kara J. Bartelt, 1998
Cara M. Cragan, 1999
Katharine Stevens, 2000
Victoria Partridge, 2001
Jonathan Toews, 2002
Elicia Keebler, 2003
Jonah C. Gamblin, 2004
Frederick Scharmen, 2005
Elisa S.Y. Lui, 2006
Maria Claudia Melniciuc, 2007
Garrett Thomas Omoto, 2007
Catherine E. Anderson, 2008
Matthew A. Roman, 2008
Andrew Ashey, 2009
Matthew Aaron Zych, 2010
Miroslava Brooks, 2011
Christine Argyros, 2012
Robert Cannavino, 2013
Belinda Lee, 2014
Anne Wing Yan Ma, 2015
Margaret Jau-ming Tsang, 2016
David Alston Langdon, 2017
Samuel David Bruce, 2018
Menglan Li, 2018
Rhea Isobel Schmid, 2019
Rachel Mulder, 2020
Diana Smiljkovic, 2021
Tiana Kimball, 2022

George Nelson Scholarship (1988)

Established in honor of George Nelson (B.A. 1928, B.F.A. in architecture 1931), architect, product designer, and writer, by Herman Miller, Inc., and Mrs. George Nelson. Awarded each year through a competitive application process to a second-year student in the first professional degree program for support for an independent course of study. Recipients demonstrate skill as a designer, interest in critical thought, and the ability to express ideas in written and verbal form. The following students have been awarded the George Nelson Scholarship:

William Vahan Fereshetian, 1989
Erika Gabrielle Belsey, 1990
Maitland Jones III, 1991
Scott John Specht, 1992
Sergey Olhovsky, 1993
Andrew Jesse McCune, 1994
Courtney Elizabeth Miller, 1995
Bertha A. Olmos, 1996
Emily Sheya Kovner, 1997
Bruce David Kinlin, 1998
Samer M. Bitar, 1999
Paul Arougheti, 2000
Noah K. Biklen, 2001
Andrew F. Davis and Francine Hsu, 2002
Christopher Harrison Cayten, 2003
Ralph Colt Bagley IV, 2004
Michele Naomi Darling, 2005
Brook Giles Denison, 2006
Garret James Gantner, 2007
John C. Brough, 2008
Parsa Khalili, 2008
Aiden Doyle, 2009
Palmyra Geraki, 2009
Marija Brdarski, 2010
Emmett Zeifman, 2010
Can Vu Bui, 2011
Thomas Matthew Rolles Fryer, 2011
Gary Leggett, 2012
Ivan Farr, 2013
John Blakely Wolfe, 2014
Andrew John Sternad, 2015
Cathryn Garcia-Menocal, 2016
Ian Cameron Donaldson, 2017
Miguel Sanchez-Enkerlin, 2018
Melissa Kendall Weigel, 2018
Gioia Connell, 2019
Ife Adepegba, 2020
Audrey Fischer, 2021
Christina Zhang, 2021
Sosa Erhabor, 2022
Joshua Greene, 2022
Nicole Niava, 2023
Annika Babra, 2023

David M. Schwarz Architectural Services Good Times Award (2000)

Established by David Schwarz (M.Arch. 1974). Awarded to provide a graduating student with a fellowship to travel in Europe. The following students have been awarded the David M. Schwarz/Architectural Services Good Times Award:

Benjamin Bischoff, 2000
Mark Gage, 2001
Victoria Partridge, 2002
Hanson Liu, 2003
Gregory Walter Sobotka, 2004
Christopher Yost, 2005
Frederick Scharmen, 2006
Sallie Rebecca Hambright, 2007
Santiago del Hierro Kennedy, 2008
Isaiah King, 2009
Eliza Weyland Higgins, 2010
Jonah Asher Rowen, 2011
Amy DeDonato, 2012
Manuel Teodoro Quintana, 2013
William James Sheridan, 2014
Belinda Lee, 2015
Winny Windasari Tan, 2016
Gordon Daniel Schissler, 2017
Jeongyoon Isabelle Song, 2018
Zelig Fok, 2019
Liwei Wang, 2020
Angela Marie Lufkin, 2021
Saba Salekfard, 2022
Sally S. Chen, 2023

Medals and prizes

American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal (1914)

Awarded to the graduating student with the highest academic ranking in the first professional degree program.

Sarah Anne Rubinstein, 2004
Emily Alice Atwood, 2005
George Benedict de Brigard, 2006
Weston W. Walker, 2007
Pierre A. Reynoldson, 2008
John Capen Brough III, 2009
Andreea Cojocaru, 2010
Mark Talbot, 2011
Greta Modesitt, 2012
Caitlin Morgan Gucker-Kanter, 2013
Robert Anthony Cannavino, 2014
Mahdi Sabbagh, 2015
Dorian Ascher Booth, 2016
Cathryn Alexandra Garcia-Menocal, 2017
Tess Kathleen McNamara, 2018
Miguel Sanchez Enkerlin, 2019
Maya Sorabjee, 2020
Rachel E. Mulder, 2021
Katie Colford, 2022
Chi Zhang, 2023

American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Certificate (1914)

Awarded to the graduating student with the second-highest academic ranking in the first professional degree program.

Abir Ahmad, 2004
Michael Alan Rey, 2005
Abigail Dunlop Ransmeier, 2006
Mathew Dryden Razook, 2007
Erica R. Schroeder, 2008
Mwangi Gathinji, 2009
Adam Joseph Tomski, 2010
Elizabeth Rose Haber, 2011
John Taylor Bachman, 2012
Amrita Jogesh Raja, 2013
Daniel Peter Jacobs, 2014
Sarah Elaine Smith, 2015
Justin David Oh, 2016
Paul Jacob Lorenz, 2017

Alpha Rho Chi Medal (1914)

Awarded each year to that graduating student who has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for the school and department, and given promise of real professional merit through attitude and personality.

Kanu Kartik Agrawal, 2004
David Charles Hecht, 2005
Christopher E.M. Beardsley, 2006
James Michael Tate, 2007
Leo Rowling Stevens IV, 2008
Mwangi Gathinji, 2009
A. Talley Burns, 2010
Lis Cena, 2011
Vincent Calabro 2012
Amy Gayle Mielke 2013
Jessica Ann Varner, 2014
Raphael de la Fontaine, 2015
Daphne Binder, 2016
Wesley Michael Hiatt, 2017
David Alston Langdon, 2018
Nicole Doan, 2019
Emily J. Cass, 2020
Anjelica Sanchez Gallegos, 2021
Rachael Tsai, 2022 R Noah Lee Sannes, 2023

William Edward Parsons Memorial Medal (1941)

Established by Myra Louise Parsons as a memorial to her husband, William Edward Parsons (B.A. 1895, B.F.A. 1905), designer, architect, and city planner who, at the end of his career, established a program in city planning at the School. Presented each year to that member of the graduating class who has done distinctive work and demonstrated the greatest professional promise in the area of city planning.

Edward Emile Richardson, 2004
Aniket Arwind Shahane, 2005
Roy Foster Griffith, 2006
Jeffrey McBride, 2007
Michael Beaumont Crockett, 2008
Miriam Lynn Peterson, 2009
Brett Patrick Appel, 2010
Jacob Lawrence Dugopolski, 2011
Amir Shahroki, 2012
Owen Trowbridge Howlett, 2013
Craig Matthew Rosman, 2014
Jonathan Feng Sun, 2015
Andrew Sternard, 2016
Jeremy Caldwell Leonard, 2017
Jolanda Devalle, 2018
Lucia Venditti, 2019
Serena Ching Su Yen, 2020
Krystel Kay Yang, 2020
Martin Carrillo Bueno, 2021
Elise Barker Limon, 2022 Charis Elizabeth Armstrong, 2023

The H.I. Feldman Prize (1955)

Established by Hyman I. Feldman (B.F.A. 1920). The Prize is awarded each year to the student who demonstrates the best solution to an architectural problem in an advanced studio, taking into consideration the practical, functional, and aesthetic requirements of that problem.

Christopher Allen Marcinkoski and Andrew Thomas Moddrell, 2004
Brian Edward Healy, 1981
Charles F. Lowrey, Jr., 1982
Stefan Ragnar Hastrup, 1983
Jun Mitsui, 1984
Herbert Martin Hodgman, 1985
David DuShane Harland, Jr., 1986
Douglas A. Garofalo and Madeleine Sanchez, 1987
Gilbert Pierson Schafer III, 1988
Steve Lawrence Dumez, 1989
Carrie M. Burke, 1990
Douglas Neal Kozel, 1991
Norberto Abel Bressano, 1992
Michael A. Harshman, 1993
Michael R. Haverland, 1994
Ira Thomas Zook III, 1995
Russell Starr Katz and Rosemary Welle, 1996
Gregory Joseph Goebel, 1997
Kevin P. Owens, 1998
Kok Kian Goh, 1999
Mark Foster Gage, 2000
David Mabbott, 2001
John M. Nafziger and Sarah Elizabeth Strauss, 2002
Marshall A. Bell, 2003
Christopher Allen Marcinkoski and Andrew Thomas Moddrell, 2004
Ralph Colt Bagley IV and Jonah C. Gamblin, 2005
Russell Jon Greenberg, 2006
Dana L. Getman, 2007
Dylan M. Sauer, 2008
Emily Arden Wells, 2009
Anne-Marie Paula Armstrong, 2010
Daniel Gregory Markiewicz, 2011
Ryan Welch, 2011
Amir Mikhaeil, 2012
Christina Argyros, 2013
Bryan Andrew Maddock, 2014
Kara Marie Biczykowski, 2015
Luke Anderson, 2016
Istvan van Vianen, Minquan Wang, 2017
Jack Lipson, 2018
Ryan Hughes, 2019
Camille Chabrol, 2020
Thomas Patrick Friesen Mahon, 2020
Alexandra Louise Pineda Jongeward, 2020
Araceli Lopez, 2021
Isabel Li, 2022
Sally S. Chen and Hannah Mayer Baydoun, 2022
Jia Ying Guan and Reem Nassour, 2023

Wendy Elizabeth Blanning Prize (1976)

Established by friends and family as a memorial to Wendy Elizabeth Blanning, class of 1978. Awarded each year to the student in the second year of the first professional degree program on financial aid who has shown the most promise of development in the profession.

Ralph Colt Bagley IV, 2004
Andrew Lyon, 2005
Michael Jejon Yeung, 2006
Nobuki Ogasahara, 2007
Cody W. Davis, 2008
Anne-Marie Armstrong, 2009
Jonah Asher Rowen, 2010
Amy Elizabeth DeDonato, 2011
Manuel Teodoro Quintana, 2012
Kathleen Stranix, 2013
Meghan Baker McAllister, 2014
John Walker Kleinschmidt, 2015
Tess Kathleen McNamara, 2016
Timon Covelli, 2017
Hsin-Ju Lai, 2018
Maya Sorabjee, 2019
Angela Lufkin, 2020
Rachael Tsai, 2021
Ana Batlle, 2022

Sonia Albert Schimberg Prize (1981)

Established as a memorial by the family of Sonia Schimberg (M.Arch. 1950). Awarded each year to a graduating woman student for outstanding academic performance.

Wendy Westfall, 1982
Patricia MacDougall, 1983
Marti Cowan, 1984
Chariss McAfee, 1985
Susan Baggs, 1986
Jennifer Tate, 1987
Jennifer Whitley Smith, 1988
Claire Weisz, 1989
Patricia Brett, 1990
Carrie Burke, 1991
Anne Corvi, 1992
Gitta Robinson, 1993
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, 1994
Dana Tang, 1995
Lee Shea, 1996
Stacie Wong, 1997
Elspeth Cowell, 1998
Celia Corkery, 1999
Meaghan Lloyd, 2000
Elizabeth Tilney, 2001
Stephanie Tuerk, 2002
Li-Yu Hsu, 2003
Valerie Anne Casey, 2004
Ashley McRainey Forde, 2005
Meaghan K. Smialowski, 2006
Federica Vannucchi, 2007
Kathleen L. John Adler, 2008
Olga Pantelidou, 2009
Hilary Zaic, 2010
Rachel Ching-Mei Hsu, 2011
Erin Colleen Dwyer, 2012
Jacqueline Ho, 2013
Brittany Lane Utting, 2014
Amy J. Su, 2015
Samantha Leigh Jaff, 2016
Margaret Jau-Ming Tsang, 2017
Margaret F. Marsh, 2018
Jennifer Lai, 2019
Rachel Nicole LeFevre, 2020
Leanne Kiyomi Nagata, 2021
Devi Nayar, 2022
Maya Bergstrom Gamble, 2023

Janet Cain Sielaff Alumni Award (1983)

Established by the Yale Architectural Alumni Association to honor Janet Sielaff, who, from 1976 until her death in 1983, served as the dean’s assistant for alumni affairs. Awarded each year to that graduating student who most significantly contributed to, and fostered, school spirit.

Christopher Harrison Cayten, 2004
Daniel Adam Barber, 2005
Fred Gray Shealy, 2006
Elisa S.Y. Lui, 2007
Maria Claudia Melnicinc, 2008
Iben Andrea Falconer, 2009
David Bijan Sadighian, 2010
Emmett Zeifman, 2011
Shuo Zhai, 2012
Ryan Michael Salvatore, 2013
Alice Winn Tai, 2014
Maya Catherine Alexander, 2015
Ting Ting Pearl Ho, 2016
Francesca Lena Carney, 2017
Radhika Singh, 2018
Menglan Li, 2019
Jennifer Yunhee Shin, 2020
Scott Austin Simpson, 2021
Lauren Carmona, 2022
Jahaan Dominique Scipio, 2023

Moulton Andrus Award (1984)

Established by family members as a memorial to Moulton Andrus (B.A. 1962, M.Arch. 1966). Awarded each year to a graduating student who has achieved excellence in art and architecture.

Kyle Stas Konis, 2004
Ceren Bige Bingol, 2005
Abigail Louise Coover, 2006
Seung Hwan Namgoong, 2007
Jeff L. Geldart, 2008
Seher Erdogan, 2009
Chat Travieso, 2010
Leticia Wouk Almino De Souza, 2011
Stephen Gage, 2012
Alexa Tsien-Shang, 2013
Constance Marie Vale, 2014
John Blakely Wolfe, 2015
Boris Morin-Defoy, 2016
Matthew James Bohne, 2017
Istvan van Vianen, 2018
Lani Barry, 2019
Adam Thibodeaux, 2020
Sasha Fisher Zwiebel, 2021
Sydney Maubert, 2022
Joshua Michael Greene, 2023

The Drawing Prize (1985)

Awarded each year to the graduating student who has excelled at drawing as part of the design process, is articulate with pencil, and shows architectural ideas with a strong personal graphic style of presentation.

Patrick William Giannini, 2004
Brent Allen Buck, 2005
Nicole Lambrou, 2006
Clinton Prior, 2007
Brent C. Martin, 2008
Shane B. Neufeld, 2009
Aurora Virginia Farewell, 2010
Mark Allen Gettys, 2011
Cotton Estes, 2012
Lang Wang, 2013
Eleanor Kate Measham, 2014
Dionysus Roy Cho, 2015
Anne Wing Yan Ma, 2016
Nasim Rowshanabadi, 2017
James Douglas Coleman, 2018
Timon Covelli, 2018
Erin Hyelin Kim, 2019
Matthew Liu, 2020
Luka Pajovic, 2021
Meghna Mudaliar, 2022
Se Won Kim, 2023

Gene Lewis Book Prize (1986)

Awarded each year to a graduating student who has shown promise for excellence in residential architecture.

Erin Carraher, 2004
Noah Riley, 2005
Scott Baltimore, 2006
Brook Giles Denison, 2007
Michael T. Krop, 2008
Felicia Gabrielle Martin, 2009
Helen Brown, 2010
Vivian Shing-Wei Hsu, 2011
Ashley Ozburn, Ian Starling, 2012
Christopher Parkinson, 2013
Thomas Michael Medek, 2014
Olen Snow Milholland, 2015
Andrew Eric Dadds, 2016
Daniel S. Marty, 2017
Meghan Stratton Royster, 2018
Diego Arango, 2019
Muhammad Hamzah Ahmed, 2020
Shikha Lhamu Thakali, 2021
Diana Smiljkovic, 2022
Andrea Sanchez Moctezuma, 2023

David Taylor Memorial Prize (1996)

Established as a memorial to David Taylor, a student of the School from 1992 through 1994, who was stricken with an illness that took his life in 1995, to honor David’s strong interest in architectural criticism and his commitment to the pursuit of excellence in residential architecture. Awarded each year to a graduating student.

Gretchen B. Stoecker, 2004
Guvenc Ozel, 2005
Sara K. Stevens, 2006
Gary Britt Eversole, 2007
Nicholas W. McDermott, 2008
Alexander Maymind, 2009
Aidan Joseph Doyle, 2010
Emma Jane Bloomfield, 2011
Matthew Gin, David Sheerin, 2012
Aaron Michael Dresben, 2013
Ayeza Rahat Qureshi, 2014
Eric Wycoff Rogers, 2015
Shivani Shedde, 2016
Gregory Elias Cartelli, 2017
Jia Weng, 2018
Burton Jack Hanly, 2019
Matthew Leo Wagstaffe, 2019
Holly Marie Bushman, 2020
Mary Carole Overholt, 2021
Mila Samdub and Theodossios Issaias, 2022 Clare Connell Fentress and Georgios Papamatthaiakis, 2023


Takenaka Corporation Summer Internship (1987)

The Takenaka Corporation, one of Japan’s leading full-service architecture and construction companies offers a three month summer internship in the Architectural Design section of its Osaka office. A monthly stipend is provided for the duration as well as round-trip airfare.

Ashley McRainey Forde, 2004
Andrei S. Harwell, 2005
Marc Charles Guberman, 2006
Isaiah King, 2007 Carlos Felix Raspall Galli, 2009
Brian Oliver Butterfield, 2010
Dawood Farid Royben, 2011
Edward Hsu, 2012
Bryan Maddock, 2013
Phillip Josh Takeshi Nakamura, 2014
Ling Jun Chen, 2015
Heung-Sum Cecilia Hui, 2016
Pierre Thach, 2017
Iven Sze Kiat Peh, 2018
Matthew Liu, 2019
Srinivas Karthikeyan, 2020

David M. Schwarz Architects Internship and Traveling Fellowship (2000)

Established by David Schwarz (M.Arch. 1974). Provides a non-graduating student with a summer internship and a traveling fellowship.

Christopher Pizzi, 2000
Jason Balecha, 2001
Robert McClure, 2002
DaeWha Kang, 2003
Emily Alice Atwood, 2004
Marisa Jocelyn Kurtzman, 2005
Geoffrey Lawson, 2006
Alexandra McCallum Burr, 2007
Amy Shu Chang, 2008
Carmel Bonfigli, 2009
Mark Talbot, 2010
Ashley Lauren Ozburn, 2011
Amy Elizabeth Kessler, 2012
Evan Wiskup, 2013
Meghan Lewis, 2014
Seyedeh Kiana Hosseini, 2015
Rashid Muydinov, 2016
Ronald Ostezan, 2017
Benjamin D. Olsen, 2018
Brenna Thompson, 2019
Benjamin H. Derlan, 2022