Academic Leadership

Deborah Berke, Dean.

Sunil Bald, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Admissions.
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Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean for Administration and Financial Affairs.
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Joyce Hsiang, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Urban Studies).
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Bimal Mendis, Assistant Dean for Career Development and Director of Undergraduate Studies (Architecture Major).
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Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.
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Administrative Staff

AJ Artemel, Director of Communications.
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Regina Bejnerowicz, Lead Administrator.
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Andrew Benner, Director of Exhibitions.
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Terence Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Support.
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Zelma Brunson, Operations Manager.
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Nathan Burnell, Assistant Shop Manager.
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Richard DeFlumeri, Senior Administrative Assistant—Lectures, Exhibitions, and Special Events.
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Vincent Guerrero, Director of Advanced Technology.
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Robert Liston, Senior Systems Administrator.
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Tanial Lowe, Registrar, Title IX Coordinator, and Admissions Administrator.
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Andre Massiah, Financial Aid Administrator.
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Tim Newton, Director of Fabrication.
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Adelia Palmieri, Senior Administrative Assistant to Registrar/Admissions and Financial Aid Offices.
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Kate Rozen, Executive Assistant to the Dean.
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Alison Walsh, Exhibitions Administrator.
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Rona Walstra, Senior Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Studies and Career Services and Receptionist.
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Rosemary Watts, Senior Administrative Assistant to Financial Administrator.
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Jill Westgard, Senior Director of Development.
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Donna Wetmore, Assistant Registrar and Assistant Admissions Administrator.
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Trevor Williams, IT Support Technician.
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Center for Ecosystems in Architecture (CEA)

Anna Dyson, Director of the Center for Ecosystems in Architecture at Yale.

Hind Wildman, Director of Communications and Research Development. Email Hind.

Mohamed Aly Etman, Scientific Researcher. Email Mohamed

Naomi Keena, Scientific Researcher. Email Naomi

Yale Urban Design Workshop

Alan Plattus, Executive Director. Email Alan.

Andrei Harwell, Director. Email Andrei.

Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

Heather Gendron, Director of Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

Sandra Augustitus, Senior Administrative Assistant

Cristián Astudillo, Library Services Assistant

Molly Bailey-Dillon, Library Services Assistant

Frank Boateng, Team Leader, Evening/Weekend

Kathy Bohlman, Archivist

Tess Colwell, Arts Librarian for Research Services

Daniel Duncan, Library Services Assistant, Evening & Weekend

Mar González Palacios, Associate Director, Arts Library Special Collections

Lindsay King, Assistant Director for Access and Research Services

Teresa Mensz, Library Services Assistant

Shawana Snell, Team Leader, Daytime

Maria Zapata, Library Services Assistant