The School offers an undergraduate major in architecture exclusively to students enrolled in Yale College. Students who desire this major must apply directly to Yale College.

Preliminary Registration for Prospective Majors

Students who intend to declare architecture as their major must register with the director of undergraduate studies during the spring term of their sophomore year. The standard major, which is limited, provides a nonprofessional introduction to the visual, spatial, and intellectual basis of architecture.

Application to the Architecture Major

Yale College students must apply to enter the major during the spring term of their sophomore year. Following the application and review process, admitted students enter the major during the fall term of their junior year.

Introduction to Architecture

The introductory courses to the study of architecture are open to all Yale College sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and are required prior to applying for the architecture major. With permission of the director of undergraduate studies, the prerequisite may be waived for students with sufficient experience in architecture or in relevant subjects.

The Standard Major

The purpose of the undergraduate standard major is to include the study of architecture within a comprehensive liberal arts education, drawing from the broader academic and professional environment of the Yale School of Architecture. The curriculum includes work in design; in history, theory, and criticism of architecture; and in urban studies. As a liberal arts major in Yale College, it leads to a bachelor of arts degree with a major in Architecture, a nonprofessional degree, and it does not fulfill the prerequisites for architectural licensure. For accredited professional degree programs, refer to the requirements of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) at

Requirements of the Major

To graduate as a Yale College major in architecture, a student must complete a core of seven courses (including three prerequisites). Six to seven additional courses are required for majors, depending on their area of concentration. The three areas of concentration are:

  1. Architecture and Design, which investigates the ways in which cultural ideas, information, actions, and locations may be visually communicated in the material fabric of architecture. Exercises in this concentration are predominantly studio-based.
  2. History, Theory, and Criticism, which examines written texts about architecture from classical antiquity to current debates. The students are expected to analyze rigorously and write theoretical and critical papers about the past, present, and future potential of architecture.
  3. Architecture and Urban Studies, which encourages a broad, interdisciplinary investigation of the complex forces that shape the urban and physical environment. For full course descriptions, see Yale College Programs of Study.

The Liberal Arts Major in Architecture

This program leads to a B.A. degree with a major in Architecture. As a liberal arts major within Yale College, it is not an accredited professional degree program. For accredited professional degree programs, please refer to The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) requirements.