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Yale Architecture commencement Spring 2017

The car​eer services program organizes a series of workshops, panels, lectures, recruiting events and online resources to help prepare students for career opportunities after Yale.

Online resources

On-campus recruiting

The Spring 2023 Career Fair will be held in February 2023.

If you are a firm or an organization interested in attending the Event, please contact Rona Walstra at

Employer resources

Employers may post job listings and internships for current and former YSoA students by completing a Career Post online or by contacting: Visit our Career Opportunities page to see all current career listings. During the academic year (August 15-June 15) employers may contact Rona Walstra, Senior Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Studies, Registrar and Career Services, 203.432.2288.


Portfolio Design Workshop

A workshop led by graphic designer, Luke Bulman on the basics of portfolio design and layout.

Interviewing, Cover Letters and Resumes

A workshop led by Robert McClure (Lead Designer, EYP Architecture & Engineering)

Editing Your Portfolio

Graphic designer Luke Bulman leads weekly workshops and two separate one day long workshops to review and critique student portfolios.

Resume and Worksample Design

Luke Bulman instructs students on the basics of good resume design.

Panels and discussions

Career Services Overview

A discussion led​ by Bimal Mendis on YSOA’s Career Services and schedule for the semester.

Employment Strategy & Opportunities

A discussion led by Phil Bernstein on employment opportunities in today’s Market.

Salary Negotiation Workshop

A presentation and discussion led by Nancy Alexander and Amy Wrzesniewski on salary negotiation.

Perspectives on Practice I

Recent YSOA graduates, 5 - 10 years out, discuss their career trajectories.

Perspectives on Practice II

Recent Yale College graduates, 5 - 10 years out, discuss their career trajectories. This event is geared towards undergraduates in the architecture major.

Perspectives on Academia

Recent graduates, 5-10 years out, discuss their academic careers.

Global Practices

An online conversation with graduates working regionally and abroad.

Undergraduate resources

Yale Undergraduate Career Services, through the University, offers career services and counseling targeted to undergraduates. However, while YSOA career resources are targeted to Graduate Student development, these resources and events are open to Undergraduate Architecture Majors. For more information, please visit Yale College Career Services.

Career Development Team

Bimal Mendis
Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor Adjunct

Phil Bernstein
Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct

Rona Walstra
Senior Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Studies, Registrar and Career Services

Nicole Niava
Student Career Assistant

Noah Sannes
Student Career Assistant