Job Opportunities at the Yale School of Architecture

Job Opportunities at the Yale School of Architecture

Urban Design Workshop Faculty Position - Assistant Director & Instructor

Yale School of Architecture seeks applications for an Assistant Director at the Yale Urban Design Workshop, to begin January 15, 2023.

An ideal candidate for this position will be an early- to mid-career architect interested in exploring community- and place-based approaches to architecture and urban design in a dynamic, academic, clinical setting, situated at a major research university. The Assistant Director (AD) will help manage and execute the project-based activities of the Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW), the Yale School of Architecture’s community design center, working under the supervision of its faculty directors. The AD will coordinate, oversee, and mentor YUDW’s staff of part time student fellows and associates during the academic year and full time during the summer.

The YUDW works on a range of community-based project types, from the design of individual buildings to public spaces to strategic urban plans at the neighborhood or district scale, both in Connecticut and internationally. Candidates for this position should be comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously, which may vary in their scope and scale. Current planning projects include a main street plan for Niantic, CT, and a plan for an inner-city neighborhood in New Haven focused on environmental justice and health. Current design projects include a mixed-use affordable housing and preschool adaptive reuse project, which will soon go into construction documents and design of a new public space in Norwich, CT. Upcoming projects may include a masterplan for a Montessori school and ongoing planning work in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The AD will have significant responsibilities and independence, and will need to be self-motivating, organized, and goal oriented. The AD will have both design and project management responsibilities, including maintaining client contacts, managing schedules and budgets, coordinating student workers, and participating in project pursuits.

In addition to their responsibilities at the YUDW, the Assistant Director will have the opportunity to teach one course in the School of Architecture per year. The preferred course would be a seminar on GIS and digital mapping for architects, but depending on the candidates background and level of experience, other opportunities may include support of the Yale Building Project, where students design and build a house each year, or support of a course on urban design.

Fellow in Urban Design and Housing

Yale School of Architecture seeks applications for a Fellow in Urban Design and Housing at the Yale Urban Design Workshop, to begin immediately.

Intended for an early- to mid-career urban planner, urban designer, architect, lawyer, or real estate developer interested in new, synthetic approaches to affordable housing and neighborhood development in an interdisciplinary, academic, clinical setting, the 2022 Fellow will help design, support, and coordinate the clinical activities of the Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW), the School of Architecture’s community design center.

Central to this fellowship will be support of the UDW’s new affordable housing clinic, entitled Housing Connecticut: Developing Healthy and Sustainable Neighborhoods. Offered in collaboration with the School of Management, School of Law, and the Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH), this clinic will pair interdisciplinary groups of graduate students with local non-profit housing developers in Connecticut, asking them to develop novel but practical solutions to the affordable housing crisis, while also addressing other pressing neighborhood challenges, such as community health, air quality, environmental equity, or resilience.

Working under the supervision of the Yale Urban Design Workshop’s faculty directors and affiliates, the fellow will develop supporting research, mapping, supervise student clinical projects, engage with community members, politicians, policy makers, and local non-profits, and provide ongoing logistical and administrative support both during and after the clinic ends. It is expected that the fellow will assist in the development of one or more academic white papers on the clinic and assist in the publication of results. Clinical projects will have the opportunity for fast-track funding from DOH, and the fellow will provide ongoing implementation support to the local non-profit partners as projects progress. This may include supervising student independent studies during the spring 2023 semester.

The fellow will also collaborate with UDW faculty and affiliates on independent research and writing in the areas of affordable housing, urban and neighborhood history, neighborhood development, and social and environmental equity, and will develop research on architectural clinical models in support of the development of additional UDW clinical courses and projects. In addition, there may be opportunities for the Fellow to be involved in other ongoing community-based UDW projects.