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Students at Yale have access to a wide range of activities within the School of Architecture and elsewhere in the University or the community. These focus on academic, cultural, political, and community-based interests. Below is a list of current student organizations within the School of Architecture. Contact each individually for more information.

Equality in Design is a coalition of committed students from the Yale School of Architecture seeking equity within the architectural profession and the built environment.
Paprika! is a weekly broadsheet written and edited by students of the Yale School of Architecture. Founded in 2014, Paprika! is named for the blazing orange carpets in the pits and auditorium of Rudolph Hall: the focal points of the School, our ground.
YSOA fields several intramural teams on a regular basis, including softball and soccer teams.

YSOA East is a student group at the Yale School of Architecture dedicated to fostering critical discourse and knowledge of Eastern architecture. The aim of the group is to consolidate and drive interest for eastern architectural and urbanist trends.
YSOA christian fellowship logo
The Christian Fellowship is a community and discussion group of Yale architecture students that meets weekly to explore the overlap of ideas relating to the Christian tradition, our work, and architecture.
Yale Architecture Forum
The Yale Architecture Forum serves as a place for discussion between Ph.D students from both the School of Architecture and from the History of Art Department who share an interest in architectural history and theory.

OutLines is a social and advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied students in Rudolph Hall. OutLines functions as a discussion group, support system and social network focusing on the exploration of LGBTQ issues within the YSOA, Yale University at large,and future professional settings.
The Architecture Lobby is an organization of architectural workers advocating for the value of architecture in the general public and for architectural work within the discipline.
GAIA - Green Action in Architecture
Green Action in Architecture is a student group devoted to addressing sustainability and environmental health and wellbeing issues within the school, as well as promoting broader discussion of environmental considerations as they pertain to architecture generally.