Organized by second-year M.E.D. students in collaboration with the director of the M.E.D. program, this year’s colloquium, entitled “Of Other Natures,” explores alternative nature-culture relationships and seeks to provoke different perspectives toward architectural and environmental design. Concepts developed by Martin Heidegger (Dasein and Techne), Bruno Latour (the politics of nature and quasi-object), and Peter Sloterdjik (sphere and atmospheric design) are studied alongside texts from different cultural and historical contexts that include “qi” (objects) and “dao” in Taoism; John Ruskin’s idea of geology and ethics; and American transcendentalism. Through the contemplation of these theoretical frameworks, the course speculates on other alternative understandings of nature and the relationship between nature and built environment in order to further inspire design intentions and methodologies. Guest speakers are invited to participate in the discussions. Limited enrollment.