Architecture for a World After… is an urban research and design seminar. It explores the role of architecture in the aftermath and afterlives of seismic shifts that have dramatically reshaped societies and ecologies on a planetary scale, whether through loss / extinction or invention / innovation. The course invites students to examine new organizations, forms, spaces, and places that emerge, and rehearse ways in which architecture can anticipate or respond. Readings from across disciplines prompt consideration and critique of various approaches including speculation, scifi, thought experiments, techno-futurism, world-making, and utopia/dystopia. The course explores text as an architectural project, referencing and generating creative work in response to readings to develop critical stances on the role of architecture. The semester-long research and design exploration" Architecture for a World After _____” asks each student fill in the blank with a subject grounded in the present that is disappearing or (re)appearing. Students experiment with creating drawings, images, films and/or other novel media to speculate on the perils and possibilities of a world after.