There is a special sense in which almost all the authentic movements of the 20th century — Futurism, Cubism, Constructivism, Surrealism — reacted to the growth of cinema.
Annette Michelson, from On the Eve of the Future (MIT, 2017) p141.

The VERIplex studio will explore a century-long dialogue between film and architecture, and propose new centers for experimental cinema in Los Angeles.

Few patterns of cross-pollination have yielded more breakthroughs than the fascination of filmmakers with cities and architecture, and the emulation of directors, cinematographers and editors by architects. We will find novel ways to extend, repurpose or challenge this defining exchange between disciplines. VERIplex will examine how architecture and cinema contend now with a welter of “realisms”: the rhetoric of authenticity underpinning documentaries and films made by artists; genres from Neo-realism to Reality to Norm-core spawned by film and television; the current exchange between Speculative Realism and photography; even a realistic skepticism toward the future of cinema-going.

To sharpen their design and curatorial ambitions, students will analyze two films in detail and context, collectively survey unorthodox cinema designs (including an unrealized multi-media theater by Paul Rudolph), and shoot a brief doc or short as a template for their architectural speculation. The term project will be a film forum on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

All Sections and Semesters

Spring 2024
Advanced Design Studio: Miami Made
Adib Cúre, Carie Penabad, Deborah Garcia
Spring 2023
Advanced Design Studio: La ropa sucia se lava en casa
Tatiana Bilbao, Andrei Harwell, Iwan Baan
Spring 2021
Advanced Design Studio
Sandra Barclay, Jean Pierre Crousse, Can Vu Bui
Spring 2020
Cultural Dreaming: Alternative Futures for Urban Renewal Memories
Walter Hood, Andrew Benner