The Architectural Design Studio will study “Thresholds” in Japanese architecture. The threshold is a potent architectural trope and physical demarcation of boundaries that reveals cultural approaches to space-making when examined across cultures. The studio will focus on a range of threshold conditions found in temple interiors and grounds, Zen gardens and castles. We will study the metaphorical and literal space of gates, the elongated pause of entry as shoe removal, material changes and a step up demarcates the shift from exterior to interior at temples and domestic spaces; and, the mechanics of sliding doors in temples, houses, and shops versus hinged doors in gates and military battlements. Research will consist of hand drawings and photographs of architecture and details to represent the transitions inherent in crossing a variety of thresholds. The studio trip will focus on examples found in both contemporary and traditional Japanese architecture and serve as a springboard for a semester long architectural exploration of thresholds for an assigned architectural project sited in Japan.

Travel is over 10 day period to Tokyo and Kyoto.

F 2/08: Depart NYC PM; Sa 2/09: Arrive Tokyo Narita airport PM; Tokyo historic architecture tour; TYO PM; Su 2/10: Teshima/Naoshima Art Islands; TYO PM; M 2/11: Tokyo contemporary architecture tour; TYO PM; Tu 2/12: Tokyo contemporary architecture tour & office visit; TYO PM; W 2/13: Tokyo/Kyoto: Tokyo contemporary architecture tour AM; Train to Kyoto; Lake Biwa Canal; KYO PM; Th 2/14: Kyoto historic architecture tour - Katsura Villa, Ryoan-ji zen garden; KYO PM; F 2/15: Kyoto historic architecture tour – Ni-jo Castle, Sumiya; KYO PM; Sa 2/16: Osaka contemporary architecture tour; KYO PM; Su 2/17: Kyoto to Tokyo to Narita airport > Flight to NYC

All Semesters

Spring 2021
Advanced Design Studio: Life During Wartime, Land and Housing in NYC
Pier Vittorio Aureli, Emily Abruzzo
Spring 2020
Advanced Design Studio: Free Library
Stella Betts
Spring 2018
Advanced Design Studio: Heneghan Peng
Róisín Heneghan, Shih-Fu Peng, Eugene Han
Spring 2017
Advanced Design Studio: A Sustainable Museum Dedicated to Sake
Patrick Bellew, Andy Bow, Timothy Newton