Course description


Now that the modern is no longer the universalizing metric used to judge the present it can now be treated as an historical phenomenon, admittedly different than such previous phenomenon but necessarily of a past.


To rethink what was the modern and what is it now through reading and drawing. What the nature of that difference is, for instance universalizing and idealizing, will be one of the strands of this seminar following this reconsideration of the modern.

The course will be divided into two halves, one concerned with modernism from 1914–1939 and the second with postmodernism from 1968-1988. Each will be prefaced by an introductory class and six presentation days. There will be two twenty-minute presentations required of each student, one on modernism and one on postmodernism, in lieu of a final paper or exam.

Each class will have a short introduction to place the week’s subject in context. This will be followed by the first student presentation and then discussion after. A ten-minute break is followed by a second presentation and discussion. Because open house is Thursday, April 4, Friday’s class will be moved to Thursday.

Part I: 1914-1939

January 18 Introduction
- The Five Points of Architecture/Maison Domino
- Vers une Architecture/Le Corbusier
- Assignment: No presentation

January 25 Le Corbusier
- Villa Stein at Garches
- Villa Savoye at Poissy - Nine squares
- Assignment: 2 presentations

February 1 Mies van der Rohe
- Brick Country House
- Concrete Country House - Weissenhofsiedlung
- Assignment: 2 presentations

February 8 Le Corbusier
- Swiss Pavilion
- Cité de Refuge - Assignment: 2 presentations

February 15 Adolf Loos
- Villa Muller
- Assignment: 2 presentations

February 22 Italian Fascism and Power
- Marcello Piacentini
- Giuseppe Terragni - Adalberto Libera
- Assignment: 2 presentations

March 1 Russian Constructivism
- Schroder House/Gerrit Reitveld
- De Stijl
- Assignment: 2 presentations

Part II: 1945-1988

March 8Introduction
- Sigfried Giedeon
- Reyner Banham - Manfredo Tafuri
- Team 10
- Assignment: 2 presentations

March 29 Louis Kahn
- Assignment: 2 presentations

April 4 Robert Venturi
- Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture
- Assignment: 2 presentations

*April 12 James Stirling/Brutalism
- Assignment: 2 presentations

April 19 Italian Rationalists vs. Radicals
- Aldo Rossi
- 15th Milan Triennale 1973 - Assignment: 2 presentations

April 26 OM Ungers/Rem Koolhaas
- Assignment: 2 presentations


Migayrou, Fredrick, ed. La Tendenza: Italian Architectures 1965-1985. Paris: Centre Pompidou, 2012.

Le Corbusier. Vers une architecture. Paris: G. Crès et Cie, 1924.

Venturi, Robert. Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1966.

All Semesters

Spring 2018
Diagrammatic Analysis: Modern vs. Universal
Peter Eisenman, Elisa Iturbe
Spring 2017
Diagrammatic Analysis: The Space of Time, Part I—Lateness
Peter Eisenman, Elisa Iturbe