A University-wide interdisciplinary seminar offered for one term only. It is designed to bring together graduate, professional, and undergraduate students to research and develop MANY—an online platform to facilitate migration through an exchange of needs. MANY rethinks cosmopolitan mobility for all those who might say, “We don’t want your citizenship or your victimhood or your segregation or your bad jobs. We don’t want to stay.” MANY connects existing visa-sponsoring networks with spatial projects so that cities can bargain with their underexploited spaces to attract a changing influx of talent and resources—matching their needs with the needs of mobile people to generate mutual benefits. The seminar offers lectures by thinkers, authors, strategists, developers, filmmakers, policy makers, activists, and urbanists from Yale faculty and outside guests together with workshops and one final presentation/symposium, which will present the platform and its timeline for development to potential partners interested in its realization. Limited enrollment.