As the close of the 1960s found cities in Europe and North America designed into obsolescence, urbanization unfurled with conviction in other parts of the world. The following decade could have been an era of true global expansion for the architectural and planning professions; however, there are many examples of where they were dismissed in favor of other enterprises, namely large-scale engineering companies and so-called technical and management service providers. The products of these urbanizing professions set in motion the global rules for and expectations of modern notions of the city. This seminar identifies and pursues case studies of expansive infrastructural projects in such places as Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Through these case studies, students seek out the credentials and historical tracks of performers who have delivered urbanization. The early part of the term focuses on a core set of readings that help shape the seminar’s themes; thereafter, weekly research assignments develop toward a final collaborative production to be defined through the course of the term.

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Spring 2016
Credentials: The Professions of Urbanizing
Todd Reisz