Exhibition Credits

September 9, 2022 – October 1, 2022

?side The Box

In our daily lives, cardboard boxes only play a transitory role. We pay for what is inside while the shipping fee concludes their journey to our front doors. There are a million reasons not to keep cardboard boxes: they are not sturdy enough; they are unlikely to be reused and are too large even when folded; they shield our views from our coveted merchandise and influencers make UNboxing videos just to get rid of them; they don’t even fit into garbage chutes. Boxes seem to have much less significance than their contents, although sometimes their contents go to the dumpster sooner than they do.

But boxes have their own unseen lives; what is inside and what is outside are always in dialogue. In this exhibition, a vast array of boxes make up the contents of the boxes. cameras and screens on their brown surfaces render boxes’ perspectives, watching the hesitation or the urge to break in/out. Flattened boxes leave blanks in between the wish to open and close and the desire to see and not to be seen can be inverted onto the visitors themselves. They become the contents inside the boxes and ultimately the boxes that, however transitorily, contain a small universe of their own.

Exhibition Credits

Youssef Denial, M.Arch 1, 23’
Kaifeng Wu, M.Arch 1, 23’
Shi Li, M.Arch 1, 23’
Chloe Hou, M.Arch 1, ‘23
Yunming Zhang, B.A in Comparative Literature, 23’
Junyan Hu, Masters in Graphic Design, 24'