Featured architects

March 1, 2018 – April 8, 2018

A Retrospective on Ten Years of Practice in Eastern Contexts

The works displayed in this exhibition are members of a constellation. The architects represented in the exhibited projects have come from and currently operate in disparate Eastern regions and cities but have all laid the foundation of their career here at the Yale School of Architecture. Though existing separately and independently, the projects share Western ideologies and Eastern identities, making them appear discrete yet similar at the same time.

The exhibition serves as a platform to bring the projects into dialogue—to construct the lines that create out of seemingly disparate stars a network of larger images, ideas, or identities. While the models stand on different heights—demanding that they be examined in close detail and with postures specific to the object itself—there is also room to step back and examine the models altogether: a process of stepping closer to and away from that seeks to raise awareness of how attention to the detail in the individual projects can also make visible a common thread that ties them all together.

Featured architects

Soo K. Chan, SCDA Architects
Choi Jin & Thomas Shine, Choi+Shine Architects
Norihiko Dan, Norihiko Dan and Associates
Hua Li, Trace Architecture Office
Huang Sheng-Yuan, Fieldoffice Architects
Doojin Hwang, Doojin Hwang Architects
Kumiko Inui, Inui Architects
Michael Kokora & Marcus Carter, OBJECT TERRITORIES
Yichen Lu, Studio Link-Arc
Cyrus Patell & Eliza Higgins, CollectiveProject
Rene Tan, RT&Q Architects
Wei Na, WEI Architects

Exhibition credits

Curators: Liu Z.Y., Pierre Thach, Kevin Ting-Yu Huang, Iven Peh, Sunwoo Kim
Content: Pierre Thach, Kevin Ting-Yu Huang, Jeongyoon (Isabelle) Song
Model Coordination: Iven Peh
Promotions: Kevin Ting-Yu Huang
Funding: Pierre Thach, Daniel Xu Fetcho, Liu Z.Y.

Exhibition Design: Liu Z.Y.
Graphic Design: Dustin Tong, Hyung Cho (Yale School of Art)

Exhibition Team: Karen Delgado, Daniel Xu Fetcho, Pik-Tone Fung, Varoon Kelekar, Hyeree Kwak, Justin Kit-Sing Lai, Yifei (Audrey) Li, Jewel Pei, Baolin (Paul) Shen, Jeongyoon (Isabelle) Song, Laura Quan, Wei-Shih (Vivian) Tsai, Rukshan Vathupola, Liyang Wang, Xiaohui Wen, Jingqiu (Sophia) Zhang

A Retrospective on Ten Years of Practice in Eastern Contexts is sponsored by the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC), the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale (ACSSY), the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), YSoA East and the Yale School of Architecture Exhibitions Fund.