Exhibition credits

April 4, 2019 – May 4, 2019

Let’s Talk Business

Let’s Talk Business presents the work of six social-impact, humanitarian architectural practices, or architect-led agencies, through their evolving business models. The exhibition attempts to introduce into the discourse topics related to sustainable funding, project management, office structure, and networking with the goal of providing an alternative lens by which we may learn, consider, and critique work with a strong social agenda.

These six models, or case studies, are divided into 3 pairings, each pair representing a broadly defined organizational structure. For-Purpose, Professional-Based Practices are represented by TAMassociati and Latent Design. University-Based Agencies are represented by Rural Urban Framework and Forensic Architecture. Non-Profit-Based Organizations are represented by GA Collaborative and Mass Design Group. While the work does not draw comparative conclusions, the hope is that these pairings and the supporting visualizations allow individuals to draw their own conclusions on the business of architecture and the role it plays in the realization of design work.

Exhibition credits

Participants: Joshua Bolchover, Rural Urban Framework / Katherine Darnstadt, Latent Design / Raul Pantaleo, TAMassociati / Yutaka Sho and Jamie Setzler, GA Collaborative / Matthew Smith, Mass Design Group

Curator and Researcher: Vittorio Lovato

Special thanks to all the participants and to Michael Beaman of GA Collaborative, Andrew Benner of YSOA, Deborah Berke of YSOA, Sarah Nankivell of Forensic Architecture, Brianne Nueslein of Mass Design Group, Alison Walsh of YSOA, Clarissa Luwia.

This exhibition is supported by the William Wirt Winchester Traveling Fellowship and the Yale School of Architecture.