This research/methods hybrid seminar is an evolution of the trans-institutional, transdisciplinary Fugitive Practice course taught between Yale + Howard (2021) and Yale + CCNY (2022) as part of Dark Matter U (DMU). This latest iteration was born from an interest shared by profs. Jerome Haferd (CCNY) and Ana María Durán Calisto (YSoA) in maroon communities, the communities that emerged from resistance to slavery and the plight for freedom among African and Afro-indigenous Americans in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean islands included.

This course proposes to weave institutions (YSoA and CCNY), people (guest speakers, students and faculty), geographies (African and American), and disciplines (design methods, canons) that may shed light on the spatialities and practices of Marronage in the Americas. The seminar will follow a tripartite structure marked by the voices of guest speakers and structured around a series of readings, videos or documentaries, open discussions and accompanying design exercises/workshops that will build upon one another. Marronage Practice seeks to pair the generative study of Black and Indigenous architectures of freedom, outsidership, and sovereignty with the exploration of emergent design methodologies and disciplinary concepts.

Note : Previous design experience is encouraged, but not required for this seminar.

All Semesters

Spring 2024
Design Research II: Methods Workshop
Ana María Durán Calisto, Jordan H. Carver, Aniket Shahane
Fall 2022
Design as Research II: Methods Workshop
Aniket Shahane, Ana María Durán Calisto
Spring 2021
Design Research II: Emerging Schools of Thought
Mark Foster Gage