This seminar explores the role of new schools of thought in the design of our world. No creative disciplines occur in a vacuum, and architecture, in particular, is certainly no exception relying as it does on numerous players and bodies of information ranging from professional expertise and construction knowledge to forms of social engagement and a nearly two-millennia long dialogue with new ideas—also known as architectural discourse. This course will study emerging directions in architecture though the discourse of today, including subjects such as artificial intelligence, Speculative Realism, high vs. low resolution, neo-primitivism, mega-graphics, the post-digital, and new forms of social engagement, to name only a few. Students will track how schools of thought today are forming around particular sets of beliefs and ambitions. We will do this almost exclusively through live Zoom interviews/discussions with contemporary practitioners central to the architectural discourse of today. Architects who will be joining our class this semester represent a vast array of differing beliefs and positions, and includes, all confirmed: Michael Young (Young & Ayata), Elena Manferdini (Studio Manferdini), Florencia Pita (Florencia Pita & Co), Ferda Kolatan (SU11 Architecture + Design), Amina Blacksher and V. Mitch McEwen (Atelier Office), Tom Wiscombe (Tom Wiscombe Architects), Kristy Balliet (Bair Balliet), Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, Meredith Miller and Tom Moran (T+E+A+M), Jiminez Lai (Bureau Spectacular), and Karel Klein and David Ruy (Ruy / Klein). Download Current Syllabus

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Spring 2020
Design Research II: Challenging the Built Environment
Joel Sanders