(Required of second-year M.Arch. I students.) This fourth and final M.Arch I core studio expands on the fundamental architectural skills introduced in the previous three terms to examine the role of architecture and the architect at the scale of the city. Extending beyond the bounds of a building, this course examines a variety of forces—architectural, urban, social, economic, ecological, political, and other—that shape and order our built environment, emphasizing and cultivating a range of architectural themes and skills.

All Semesters

Spring 2019
Architectural Design 4
Aniket Shahane, Anthony Acciavatti, Jesse LeCavalier, Bimal Mendis, Dragana Zoric, Alicia Imperiale
Spring 2018
Second-Year Core Studio
Aniket Shahane, Bimal Mendis, Keller Easterling, Alan Plattus, Rosalyne Shieh, Alexander Felson