Study Areas

History and Theory 6

Fall 2018
Parallel Moderns: Crosscurrents in European and American Architecture, 1880-1940
Robert A.M. Stern
Fall 2018
The Autobiographical House
Kurt Forster
Fall 2018
Architecture and Urbanism of Modern Japan: Destruction, Continuation, and Creation
Yoko Kawai
Fall 2018
Architecture after the Rain: Theory and Design in the Post-Atomic Age
Anthony Vidler
Fall 2018
Bauhaus @ 100
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Trattie Davies
Fall 2018
Body Politics: Designing Equitable Public Space
Joel Sanders

Urbanism and Landscape 1

Fall 2018
History of Landscape Architecture: Antiquity to 1700 in Western Europe
Bryan Fuermann

University Courses Outside of YSoA

This site contains all courses offered by Yale University in the current term, with the exception of courses in the School of Medicine. Accessible up-to-date information includes the course title, name of instructor(s), meeting time, and meeting place. Courses offered elsewhere in the University may be taken for credit with permission of the instructor.

Students who would like to take a non-School of Architecture course to satisfy an area elective requirement must obtain permission of the study area coordinator(s).