Gavin Hogben

Gavin Hogben

Senior Critic

Gavin Hogben is an architect and digital media researcher. He has practiced and taught both in the UK, where he held a Lectureship at Cambridge University and was a co-founder of the MPhil program for Architecture and the Moving Image, and in the US, where he taught in RISD’s DM+ digital media program before returning to Yale.

His research focuses on architectures for mobile devices, particularly concentrating on digital presences in museum environments.

His architectural work spans from landscape and urban master-planning, where large tracts of land are subject to sudden shocks in the social and economic climate, through to domestic work, with a focus on the design and choreography of haptic elements such as hardware systems and control devices - architecture as life interfaces.


Summer 2023
Gavin Hogben, Helen Evenden
Fall 2022
Gavin Hogben
Summer 2022
Gavin Hogben, Helen Evenden
Fall 2021
Advanced Design Studio: futureNOMAD
Steven Harris, Helen Evenden, Gavin Hogben
Fall 2020
Advanced Design Studio: Not Forever
Kevin Carmody, Andy Groarke, Gavin Hogben
Fall 2019
Architectural Design 3
Emily Abruzzo, Annie Barrett, Iñaqui Carnicero, Peter de Bretteville, Gavin Hogben
Spring 2018
Advanced Design Studio: Building the (Inland) Empire
Steven Harris, Gavin Hogben