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Christina Ciardullo

PhD Student

Christina Ciardullo is a Senior Architect, partner and founder of the award-winning space architecture firm SEArch+ and PhD Researcher at the Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture.

With an undergraduate background in astronomy and philosophy, and a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University, Christina bridges a career between practice and research at the intersection of the natural sciences and the built environment, designing for a sustainable future for Earth and Space.She has worked in design positions ranging from New York City Planning, to NASA’s Habitability Design Center, to the award winning firms of Ennead Architects and Foster+Partners.

She was the 2015/2016 Carnegie Mellon University Anna Kalla Fellow teaching interdisciplinary studios on closed loop systems, and the 2016 Buckminster Fuller Institute Fellow for Design Science. SEArch+ has won the 2015, 2019, and 2021 NASA Centennial Challenges bridging design for space towards sustainable earth development.

Her current PhD work focuses on the integration of vegetation in and on buildings towards more sustainable cities.

Research Area Keywords

Biodiversity, Bioremediation, Building Integrated Vegetation, Value Systems, Energy