For over 100 years, Yale has been educating architects who have built the world around us. Today’s students carry on that legacy as they address twenty-first century concerns. These students need to utilize the design skills long honed in our field as well as technology and science to better meet the needs of our changing communities and environment.

Scholarships are the School’s top priority. Currently 86% of students receive financial aid. The average cumulative debt for our most recent alumni is $72,000. Yale College and the Yale School of Music provide the support for students to attend regardless of their financial abilities—the School of Architecture aspires to join them and provide our students with all the resources they need for study and to begin their work without the burden of debt.

Your gift can make a difference!

Alumni Fund

Gifts to the Alumni Fund from alumni, parents, and friends go directly to supporting our current student body. Gifts of all sizes make an impact in supporting financial aid.

Endowed Funds

Alumni, parents, and friends are invited to ensure the long-term success of the School by creating an endowed scholarship. Endowment gifts are invested as part of the Yale endowment. Each distributed income is given to the School in the donor’s name while the principle grows generating larger and larger distributions overtime. With Yale’s three-hundred year history, donors can feel confident knowing that their investment will produce results for many generations yet to come.

Endowment funds can also be established to support faculty positions, travel and research, and capital projects. Please contact the School’s director of development for more information.

An Endowment fund can be established with a commitment of $100,000 which can be pledged for a period of up to five years. A Scholarship Fund established with a gift of $1,000,000 will fully underwrite a student immediately. Endowed professorships can be established with gifts of $3-$6,000,000 based on the type of position.

Planned Giving

Bequests, annuities, trusts, and other financial vehicles offer opportunities to support the School as well as your own investment and estate strategy.

It is important to contact the School in advance of making a bequest whenever possible. By alerting the School to your plans during your lifetime, the dean and staff can ensure that your eventual gift is directed as you envision—scholarship, faculty support, or other specific program or educational interest. Please reach out to the School’s director of development to begin the conversation.

For general information of the range of life income options available at Yale, please visit


For more information or to discuss your giving, please contact:

Jill Siegel
Director of Development,
Yale School of Architecture
Yale University Office of Development
PO Box 2038
New Haven CT 06521-2038


Jill Siegel