XS: Diary of an artist collaborative

By Saga Blane

The XS Zine is a platform for disseminating, critiquing, and advancing the agendas of six collaborative teams of XS. Zine issues are published in tandem with the workshops. The Zine will engage various modes of media: critical and creative writing, graphic de-sign and visual analysis, satire, comic strips, poetry, and photography. Its content will be divverse in origin and in form. Work published in the Zine is meant to excite, frustrate and engage readers, serving as a catalyst for original work and thought. The Zine is a catalyst; an agent provocateur; an archive; a missive from On High. Each issue of the Zine will prompt a conversation, and propose and assess avenues for action. The Zine is the primary mode of communication between XS and the Yale and New Haven communities, and will bring together the diverse voices within the project and open up internal conversations to a more public engagement.