M.E.D. Program Admission Requirements

M.E.D. Program Admission Requirements

The M.E.D. program accepts qualified applicants with a degree in architecture, or with an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related discipline, who exhibit a strong capability for independent advanced study in a topic related to architecture and environmental design.

Candidates are selected on the basis of academic and/or professional records and individual research proposals.

General admission requirements

Students matriculate only at the beginning of each academic year. All students are expected to attend full-time.

Notifications of admission and of financial aid award, if applicable, are sent no later than April 1. Acceptance of the offer of admission, including a nonrefundable deposit of $750, must be made electronically by April 15. This deposit will be credited toward tuition. Acceptances may not be deferred.

International students should refer to the chapter International Students for information regarding additional admission requirements.

For admission inquiries, contact gradarch.admissions@yale.edu or telephone 203.432.2296. For financial aid inquires, contact archfinancialaid@yale.edu or telephone 203.432.2291.