2021 YSoA Alumni Survey Results

2021 YSoA Alumni Survey Results

A few weeks ago, I invited alumni to respond to a survey on aspects of their professional lives post-graduation, including on topics like licensure, professional field, years of practice, and more. While NAAB accreditation may have prompted the survey, I was thrilled with the degree of participation—over a third of our alumni responded. This phenomenal show of interest will be a great foundation for the development of future research along these lines, and will help us as we look for new ways to engage alumni and support career development.

Thanks to all who participated.

—Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct


  1. 1043 of approximately 2900 alumni responded, making a response rate of 36% over 67 alumni classes (from 1954)
  2. 273 (26%) of respondents are not practicing architecture, 770 (74%) are practicing
  3. Respondents by program: 804 M.Arch 1, 188 M.Arch 2, 334 MED, 16 MUS, 18 dual MBA, 13 dual MEM
  4. Respondents are 63% male, 36% female, 1% preferred not to say
  5. Respondents from the classes of 2010 – 2020 were 53% male, 47% female
  6. For classes admitted under Dean Berke (2017-2020), out of a total of 140 respondents, 83 identified as women and 57 as men
  7. Total of 18,400 years of practice from all respondents, averaging 17 years per graduate
  8. 59% licensed, 41% unlicensed; for graduates from the classes of 1954 through 2016, 67% are licensed
  9. Of the respondents, 15% work as sole proprietors, 27% as principals, and 10% at the associate level, for a total of 52% in senior positions

Questions Asked

  1. Which graduate degree did you receive from Yale?
  2. Did you also receive a dual degree (MBA or MEM)?
  3. What year did/will you graduate?
  4. Are you currently working for or as an architect?
  5. How many years since graduation have you practiced architecture?
  6. If you are currently practicing, choose the description below that most closely fits your role:
  7. If you are not currently practicing, please briefly describe the field where you are working (education, real estate, arts, etc.):
  8. Are you currently licensed to practice in the United States?
  9. If you are licensed, what year did you receive your license?
  10. Please indicate your gender:
  11. If you would like to make any other comments on your Yale experience for the school’s review, please provide them below: