The Architect Is In

The Architect Is In

The Architect is IN / Yale Day of Service—May 9, 2020

The Architect Is IN is a project held in conjunction with the annual Yale Day of Service. It was first conceived from a desire to connect Yale architectural alumni with other alumni in the Yale community who could benefit from a day of donated professional architecture, planning, and design services.

This volunteer workshop service event—first held in 2014 in New York, Washington DC, and Boston—was created to serve local non-profit organizations who are affiliated with Yale or Yale alumni in some way, and it occurs at various locations and at different scales across the globe. Last year it was opened up to serve any and all non-profit organizations, with or without a Yale alumni affiliation.

The skills and talents of volunteer architects (of all ages and backgrounds) are matched with local community service and non-profit organizations who are most in need of assistance. The resulting service opportunities are likely to be very diverse and unique.

The service workshops aim to be rewarding to all participants wanting one day of volunteer service. Beyond that, they educate all of the participants in a more meaningful and long-term way about what the architectural profession can provide, and who can positively be affected by them on a daily basis.

If you have come to this site as a non-profit organization looking for help, please fill out our online non-profit signup form.

If you are an architecture alum looking to volunteer, please fill out the online volunteer information form.

If you are an architecture alum, and you want to start a site in your area, please email

2019 Sites

May 11, 2019

Cleveland, OH. Site Leader: Elicia Gibbon (M.Arch ‘04) Email Elicia
Hudson Valley, NY. Site Leader: J.C. Calderon (M.Arch '92) Email J.C.
Long Beach, CA. Site Leader: Richard Song (M.Arch '90) Email Richard
Los Angeles, CA. Site Leader: Jing Liu (M.Arch '13) Email Jing
New York, NY. Site Leader: Jessica Elliott (M.Arch '16) Email Jessica
New Haven, CT. Site Leader: Craig Newick (M.Arch '87), Phil Bernstein (M.Arch '83) Email Craig. Email Phil
Oakland, CA. Site Leader: Jessica Kung Dreyfus, Palmyra Geraki (M.Arch '10). Email Jessica. Email Palmyra
Holon, Israel. Site Leader: Elias Messinas (M.Arch '92). Email Elias
Singapore, Singapore. Site Leader: Chiew Hong Tan (M.Arch '08) Email Chiew Hong Taipei, Taiwan. Site Leader: Liyu Hsu (M.Arch '03) Email Liyu

May 18, 2019

Cincinnati, OH. Site Leader: Brent Sturlaugson (MED '15) Email Brent

More sites to come! If you would like to sign up to lead a site in your city, please contact the organizers.

Links to sign up are below. Please contact the site leader directly if you have any questions about signing up as a volunteer or as a non-profit in need of consultation.

2019 Planning Committee

Bob Tucker, M.Arch ‘89
Dov Feinmesser, M.Arch '16

Special Thanks

Mara Balk, YAA Assistant Director for Volunteer Engagement
Rachel Littman, YANA Chair
Dale Cohen, originator of The Architect is IN
Ann Goulet, co-organizer and concept development
AJ Artemel, Yale School of Architecture Communications

Additional thanks to Matthew Hettler for implementing our original website.