Fall 2020 Rudolph Hall COVID Protocol

Fall 2020 Rudolph Hall COVID Protocol

During the fall term of 2020 the School of Architecture will operate according to COVID-19 protocols. It is important for all students to understand these procedures and requirements, and to follow instructions precisely. We summarize below many important tasks and standards, in one handy place, for your review and reference. This material is also posted at https://www.architecture.yale.edu/news/covid-19-updates/covid-protocol.

Prior to arrival to campus (New Haven)

  1. TESTING: Graduate and professional students are required to have a viral (PCR) test before arriving on campus.
    1. The university will reimburse the cost of the pre-arrival viral (PCR) test up to $120; receipts for testing up to $120 should be submitted to the business office with your full name and email address. A petty cash voucher will be issued and can be exchanged for cash at the University Treasury Services Office at 1 Whitney/Grove.
    2. If the pre-arrival test is positive, you should seek medical advice and isolate in their “home” location for at least 10 days and at least 24 hours following resolution of a fever, if present. Students with a positive test should not travel to New Haven but should begin their studies remotely.
  2. QUARANTINING: The United States and the State of Connecticut have quarantining requirements for people arriving from outside of the US and outside Connecticut:
    1. All students arriving from international destinations must quarantine in their residences until a negative arrival test result is received. International students from Brazil, China, and Iran are required by presidential proclamation to spend 14 days quarantine in another country that does not bar travel to the U.S. before entering the United States.
    2. The State of Connecticut also has strict regulations about quarantining as follows: “Any CT resident traveling to the adjacent state that is on the list of affected states and staying there longer than 24 hours must self-quarantine for 14 days when they arrive back in CT. If their visit to the neighboring affected state is less than 24 hours, the requirement to self-quarantine does not apply.” You may be fined $1000 by the State if you violate this requirement. For a list of affected states, see https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/travel.

Upon arrival to campus (New Haven)

  1. ARRIVAL TESTING: All students arriving on campus or already on campus must have a viral (PCR) test through the Yale COVID-19 screening program prior to the start of the fall semester.
    1. Testing locations: You can take a test at the Lanman Center in Payne Whitney Gymnasium (walk up) or Prospect-Sachem Garage (drive up and walk up). Results are available normally within less than 72 hours via MY CHART, the Yale health phone app. You must enroll in MY CHART through the Yale Health Plan and download “EPIC My Chart” app from your phone’s app store.
    2. Contact Tracing: Students with positive test results will be asked to participate in Yale Contact Tracing Program https://covid19.yale.edu/yales-covid-19-contact-tracing-program.
    3. Repeat Testing: Students who have remained in the CT area and were tested before July 13, 2020 in accordance with the university research reopening, must have a repeat test within 14 days of the start of the fall semester. As our students will be occupying the design studios together for relatively long periods of time (as long as 10 hours during the day) all YsoA students using the studios must get a PCR test each week of the term.
    4. If you test positive, you must quarantine in their residences until a negative arrival test result is received.
  2. COMMUNITY COMPACT: All students are required to sign Yale Community Compact https://registrar.yale.edu/compact.
  3. COVID-19 TRAINING: If you are going to be on campus, you must take the required COVID-19 training. The training is available and tracked on the Yale Canvas site {see canvas.yale.edu, Student COVID Training AC FY21}. Students who do not complete this training will be barred from Rudolph Hall. Contact Tanial at tanial.lowe@yale.edu if you have any access issues.
  4. DAILY HEALTH CHECKS: You are required, for each day you are on campus, to perform a Daily Health Check-In to indicate that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. The check can be accessed online at https://dailyhealthcheck.yale.edu/?ticket=ST-623578-KdGHOweK9hoyM4Hk3kT2-vmcasprd01.
  5. MATERIAL LEFT IN RUDOLPH HALL FROM LAST SPRING: If you left materials in the building from last semester, they have been organized and stored. If you wish to pick them up and remove them from the building before August 31st, contact Richard Deflumeri and he will arrange to bring them to the front of the building by appointment. Otherwise, you may retrieve and transfer your items on the first day you are allowed into studio, according to the schedule described below.

Using Rudolph Hall

  1. ID CARDS: If you are an incoming student and you do not have a Yale ID card, the Registrar’s Office will arrange an appointment to pick it up before the term officially begins on August 31st. ID cards will be identified by a color which correlates to the times during which you may access the studios, see Item 3 below. ID cards are to be worn on lanyards (see Item 4 below) and visible at all times while in the building as this will allow us to monitor that no visitors are in the building (nor are they allowed).
  2. ACCESSING RUDOLPH HALL: Assuming you have been properly COVID tested, quarantined if necessary, have taken the proper training, have signed the Community Compact, and have done your Daily Health Check, you may access Rudolph Hall. The building will not be open to students nor may students access the studio floors until Monday August 31st after studio seating has been assigned by the administration.
  3. STUDIO ACCESS STARTING AUGUST 31st: Floors 4, 5 and 6 will contain core and advanced studios this semester. Access to each floor will be in accordance to a strict schedule, depending on the studio to which you are assigned, per above chart. This schedule will be explained in more detail on August 24 and is designed to adhere to the 50% occupancy requirements established by the State of Connecticut, allow time for proper air exchange and custodial services, and provide equal access to all in-person studio students. Studio seating will be assigned over the weekend of August 29th and students informed of their studio seating locations by August 30th. This schedule will be displayed on video monitors throughout the building each day. Adherence to this schedule will be strictly enforced, and violations of the schedule will result in loss of studio access. Note that Rudolph Hall studios will be closed to student access each day from 1:00 AM until 8:00 AM, 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM, and 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM, as well as every Friday evening from 7:00 PM until 8:00 AM Saturday morning.
  4. PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT: Each student will be given a PPE kit with masks, wipes and an and a lanyard (with color coding for your ID card according to the schedule above) and be placed on each student’s desks on Aug 31. Returning students who have been certified for shop use will also receive shop PPE (goggles).
  5. MASKING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING: The University has approved the use of our studios under the condition that masks are worn at all times without exception, and social distancing is maintained at all times. Infractions of these rules will result in loss of access to the studios.
  6. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: The administrative offices on the 3rd floor will be minimally staffed in-person this term, in accordance with University directives. Most of the staff will be working remotely.
    1. Registrar’s Office will be open 9:00am-4:30pm and appointments are suggested by contacting arch.registrar@yale.edu, and only staffed by one person each.
    2. Dean’s Office will be open during the day and staffed by one person. Please contact Kate, Terry or Richard if you need to reach Deborah, Phil or Sunil, each of whom will be at RDH on a limited basis.
    3. Financial Aid Officer will be available by appointment. Contact Andre at andre.massiah@yale.edu.
    4. Business Office is available by contacting rosemary.watts@yale.edu for reimbursements and student employment or zelma.brunson@yale.edu for other matters. Receipts for reimbursement should be sent via email attachment to Rosemary Watts. The Business Office will otherwise work entirely remotely this term.
  7. SEVENTH FLOOR: There are no graduate studios located on the 7th Floor this year; both trays and the back pit are designated for undergraduate work. In order to maintain occupancy limits, graduate/professional students may not access the 7th floor unless you have a class meeting in the 7th Floor East review pit. Room 706 is completely closed for use during the fall term.
  8. EXHIBITION GALLERY: The Gallery is closed for the fall term and has been converted into a classroom space. Access will be by ID card only.
  9. FABRICATION SHOPS: The fabrication shop will be open by appointment only. You may make an appointment through the Shop scheduling system and must be admitted to the shop by Tim, Nate or a designated shop monitor; student IDs will not open the shop doors. Incoming students who have not been trained in shop use may not use the shops this semester due to social distancing constraints.
  10. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: AT Operations will be staffed as needed during the term, but many support staff will be working remotely. Equipment check-out will be by appointment only.
  11. FOOD AND DRINK: We understand that, given the long blocks of work time available to students, it may be necessary to bring in outside food and drink that may be eaten at your desk or in other socially distanced locations in the building. Please keep these mask-less times as short as possible. The kitchen on the 4th floor will remain open during the term, but occupancy of the kitchen is limited to one person at a time.

Leaving Connecticut during the Term

The University strongly discourages students from leaving Connecticut during the school term in order to minimize the likelihood of exposure to the virus. As described above, if you leave the State for more than 24 hours and visit a state that the Governor of Connecticut has designated as “affected” (see QUARANTINING in the first section above) you must isolate yourself at home for 14 days. This means you may not return to any Yale campus facility (unless for health reasons) until after the quarantine period. Please consider this carefully before deciding to take a trip outside of Connecticut.