Investigation of a broad range of social, political, technical and aesthetic issues is central to the mission of the Yale School of Architecture. Many research initiatives take place under the auspices of the Masters of Environmental Design Program (M.E.D.), one of the oldest research based programs in the country. The program is intended for students, including postgraduate and mid-career professionals, who seek an academic setting to improve scholarship and research skills, to explore a professional or academic specialization, and to sharpen critical and literary expertise. The program provides the foundation for a career in writing, teaching, curatorial work, or critically informed professional practice, or may provide a foundation for Ph.D. studies. The two-year program culminates in a substantial written thesis. In addition, MED students and faculty often collaborate on research projects, some of which culminate in exhibitions and publications.

The book Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006) and a traveling exhibition of the same title grew out of such collaboration. Perspecta, the Yale architecture journal, frequently has MED students among its editors. MED students also organize an annual symposium for graduate students from around the country. Interested students should contact program chair Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

Daphne Agosin, 2017—"Morphological Definitions of Street Theater, 1968 – 1985.“ Advisor: Karla Britton.

Gregory Cartelli, 2017—”Strategic Model Theater: The Urban Training Facility and the (re)Production of the City, 1942-2016.“ Advisor: Keller Easterling.

Geneva Morris, 2016—"Life in One Room: Small Space Living Typologies, 1940-2015.” Advisor: Elihu Rubin.

Shivani Shedde, 2016—"Making (In)visible: Spatial Governance in Kolar Gold Fields, 1873-2016.“ Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.


Preeti Talwai, 2016—"Self, Space, Screen: Embodied Relationships in Hybrid Retail Environments.“ Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

Benyameen Ghareeb, 2015—"Housing Crisis in Kuwair: Toward a Viable Alternative.” Advisor: Todd Reisz.

Eric Rogers, 2015—"The New Deal and ‘The Economy.‘“ Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

Andrew Ruff, 2015—"Architecture of the Unknown Symbols, Projections and Speculative Worlds.” Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

Brent Sturlaugson, 2015—"Housing Power on Pine Ridge Reservation.“ Advisor: Keller Easterling.

Anuj Daga, 2014—"Traversing Geographies.” Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

Ayeza Qureshi, 2014—"Mapping Power: the Political Instrumentality of the Map in Karachi.“ Advisor: Keller Easterling.

Britton Rogers, 2014—"Obsolescence or Renewal: New Haven Confronts De-Industrialization at Long Wharf.” Advisor: Elihu Rubin.

Daniel Snyder, 2014—"Ornament: to love, seduce, submit.“ Advisor: Karsten Harries.

Jessica Varner, 2014—"Co-Evolution Quarterly: Ecology, Exchange and Expertise.” Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

Saga Blane, 2013—"XS: Diary of an artist collaborative.“ Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

Juana Salcedo, 2013—“Taming El Dorado: Planning Misadventures in the Venezuelan Guana, 1951-1964.” Advisor: Keller Easterling.

Matthew Gin, 2012—“’Ein Platz und einer Idee’: Designing, Building and Diffusing the 1972 Munich Olympics.” Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

Andreas Kalpakci, 2012—"Unleashing Citizenship: Paul Otlet, Democracy and the Organization of Space.” Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

Amanda Marquit, 2012—"At Home in America: An Examination of Motels and Trailers as Low-Income Housing on Commercial Thoroughfares.“ Advisor: Elihu Rubin.

David Sheerin, 2012—"Covert Space: National Security Infrastructure in Northern Virginia Technology Corridor.” Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

Eero Puurunen, 2011—"Assessing Environmental Sustainability of Urban Plans. Case Study Helsinki.“ Advisor: Michelle Addington.

David Rhinehart, 2011—"Constructed Contexts: The Modern Architecture of Marcello Piacentini.” Advisor: Stanislaus von Moos.

Jimmy Stamp, 2011—"Architecture in Media Rez.“ Advisor: Emmanuel Petit.

Nathan Bright, 2010—"Architecture of Movement. The drawings of Peter Cook and Bernard Tschumi, 1973-81.” Advisor: Karsten Harries.

Caglar Tombus Ozlem, 2010—"National Identity, Power and Architectural Culture: Three Cases in Ankara and Istanbul.“ Advisor: Peggy Deamer.

David Sadighian, 2010—"Informing Publics: Museums, Mass Media, Informatics, 1964-1977.” Advisor: Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen