Printing Costs

Printing Costs

  Small Format Printing  

Photocopier: Single Sided Printing

B&W: ​8.5 x 11 = $0.10/Page, 11x17 = $0.15/Page

Color: 8.5 x 11 = $0.20/Page, 11x17 = $0.40/Page

Photocopier: Duplex Printing

B&W: ​8.5 x11 = $0.08/Side, 11x17 = $0.13/Side

Color: 8.5 x 11 = $0.18/Side, 11x17 = $0.38/Side

Small Format Manual Feed: 8.5 x 11 = $0.20/page, 11 x 17 = $.40/page

Clear/Matte Film Printers: $2.50/Page

  Wide Format Printing  

36” Draft Printer: $1.75/linear foot

60” Heavyweight Bond Printer: $6.00/linear foot

42” Heavyweight Bond Printer: $4.75/linear foot

24” Fine Art Printer: $3.50/linear foot

42” Semi-Gloss Printer: $6.00/linear foot

36” Clear Film Printer: $5.00/linear foot

Manual Feed Printer: $1.25/square foot NOTE: This printer calculates price based on area, not length

  Laser Cutting  

Studio Laser Cutter: $1.00/Job

Shop Laser Cutter: $4.50/Job

  3d Printing  

Ultimaker 2 & Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printers: $0.14/g

ProJet Powder Printer - $0.25/mL of binder, $1.75/in3 of powder

Mono X Resin MSLA Printers: $0.15/mL