Small Format Printers

On each floor, outside the freight elevator, there is a photocopier that can print in black and white or in color. It can print on 8 1/2” x 11" and 11" x 17" paper. It can optionally print on both sides of a sheet (duplex). This photocopier can also scan and e-mail documents in B&W, grayscale, or color as JPG, TIFF, or PDF.

A manual feed printer (also 8.5" ẋ 11" or 11" x 17" and duplex) is available on the 6th floor in the printing pit at the back of the floor. The trays on this printer are left empty for students to bring their own paper to print.

Also on the 6th floor, just outside the freight elevator, are two 11" x 17" printers that print only on drafting film (AKA mylar or polyester sheet). One printer is loaded with clear film and the other with a matte coated film. Both types of media are intended to work with xerographic (laser) printers, but can also be printed with inkjet or marked up with pen.

In the studio spaces
Small format manual feed
6th floor printing pit
Clear/Matte Laser
In the studio spaces

Wide-Format Printers

All wide-format printers, except the manual feed printers, are accessible from your studio workstations. The print queues are named as a description of the media type loaded in the printers associated with that queue and then followed by a number, which is the width of the media in inches. For example, the HeavyBond-42 queue has heavyweight (36lb) inkjet-coated bond paper loaded in each associated printer.

Wide-format printers are available on all studio floors, but not all media types are available on each floor. More information on each type of wide-format printer, including their locations, can be found by clicking on their images below.

36” Draft Wide-Format Printer
4th and 5th floor printing cluster
60" Heavyweight Bond Wide-Format Printer
4th and 5th floor rear studios
24" Fine Art Wide-Format Printer
4th, 5th, and 7th floor print rooms, and the 6th floor studio
36” Clear Film Wide-Format Printer
7th floor printing cluster
42" Semi Gloss Wide-Format Printer
7th floor printing cluster
Wide-Format Manual Feed Printers
In the printing pits on the 4th and 6th floors


We provide several options for scanning including roll feed scanners and flatbed scanners.