The Yale Architecture Advanced technology labs host a number of bleeding edge resources for Yale students and faculty. In this section, you’ll find details about equipment and labs.

Studio Workstations


Experimental 3D Printing Lab (E3DPL)
A lineup of 3D printers designed for experimentation with new technologies, advanced materials, assorted colors, and varied build volumes.
Photograpy & 3D Scanning Lab
Located in the sub-basement
Advanced Computer Lab
This room is available for trainings, workshops, and other programming. All computers in this room are configured for high performance.
Laser Cutter Rooms
The school has four Laser Cutter Rooms - One for each studio floor.
Plotting Rooms & Print Clusters
  • Photocopiers and Plotters located on each studio floor.
  • 4 Print Rooms - One on each studio floor.
  • 4 Plotting Clusters - One on each studio floor.

Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping

The School of Architecture maintains an extensive number of fabrication and rapid prototyping technologies.

This equipment is owned by the School and used exclusively by the Architecture Students. Often this equipment is available on a walk up and use basis.

All equipment