This HP PageWide XL printer uses 4 inks in a water-fall configuration. This means that paper rolls out and ink is deposited across the whole sheet at once. Since there’s no need to move a printhead back and forth, the printer is extremely fast. It can produce drawings at roughly 1 foot per second

This speed comes at a performance cost. The color gamut is much smaller than our other printers and the clarity of images is somewhat lower. Subtle banding across large images or fields of color is common.

The printer is stocked with rolls of 20lb inkjet coated bond paper. It has a medium brightness, and is similar to standard copier paper in stiffness and opacity.

There is also a 36" wide roll-feed scanner built into this device. It will upload documents to the Scan Dropbox network folder found on your studio workstations. It can scan images in B&W or color up to 600dpi to TIFF, JPG, PNG, or PDF formats


36” Wide Roll by Max 120” Length


Print Queue Name

Loaded Paper
20lb Bond Paper Rolls

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