Last updated: Aug 31, 2021

Connecting to a Virtual Workstation: Access is only available while on campus network. While off campus, you connect with an active VPN Connection.

Step 1: Download the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” application from Apple’s App Store and install on your computer. Do not use the one that comes with the Apple laptop.

Step 2: Open the Remote Desktop Application and click the new + button at the top.
Screen shot 2016 07 03 at 1 31 00 pm

Step 3: Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and type in the following information into the Remote Desktop Client.

In field Connection Name: Give a name for the connection. Example: arch-vw-001

In the field PC Name, type in the Virtual workstation name you want to use. For example:

In the field User Name, type in yale\NetID. Replace the NetID with your Yale NetID

In the field Password, type in your Yale NetID password.


Step 4: Close the settings window and double click on the newly created remote desktop connection.

Step 5: You will prompted to Verify Certificate, just click Continue.

The virtual machine will have a white background and be inside a window.

Step 6: When done, please remember to logout of the windows machine before closing your window. This machine will automatically logout after 8 hours of use.