Last updated: Aug 24, 2023

SimplyPrint manages the various print queues for our Production 3d Printing Farm. If you prepare a file outside of SimplyPrint, such as for the powder or resin printers or if you use an offline slicer such as Cura, you can then upload that file to your account and send it to one of our print queues.

First, log in to SimplyPrint and go to your files page

Click on the blue upload button to add a new file from your computer. Navigate to the file you’d like to upload. For this example, we’ll use a CHITUBOX file that will be sent to the resin queue.

Note: Only files that can be used by our farm can be uploaded. If you don’t see the file you’re trying to upload, if may be in an incompatible file format.

Click on your file in the browser, then click on the Add to Print Queue button that appears in the bottom right of the screen.

SimplyPrint will detect the best queue for your file to be sent to. In this example, it automatically selects the Resin queue for my CHITUBOX file.

NOTE: Both the Ultimaker 2 Extended and Prusa MK3S+ use Gcode files. SimplyPrint Can’t distinguish which is the correct fit for your file, and jobs sliced for one type of printer should not be run on the other. By default, Cura and most other offline slicers will prepend filenames with an abbreviation of the printer type that a job was sliced for. For example, Cura will prepend PI3MK3M… to a filename sliced for a Prusa MK3S+. The logic for that abbreviation is:

Brand: Prusa, Base Printer: i3, Family: Mark3 (or MK3), Model Revision: M (the 13th iteration which went to market as the S+)

Be sure you are sending your Gcode files to the correct queue. Files will still run between the queues, but they will always fail if run on the incorrect queue.

Adjust the number of copies if you need to and then click on the Add button.

To view your job in the queue, go to your Printers Page and click on the QUEUE button near the top center of the page.

In the Queue you can remove any print that belongs to you or adjust the number of copies you have requested.

NOTE: Increasing copies will count as a resubmission and may change your place in the printing order. To add copies without changing your place in the order, submit the file again as a new job.

To set a color of resin for your file, click on the + icon in the printer tags column next to your print. Available colors for the resin printers are:

•Clear (default - do not assign a color to have your file printed in clear resin)
•Red (translucent)
•Green (translucent)
•Blue (translucent)

Use the tabs at the top of the Queue window to see the different printer queues.

As prints in each queue are moved to a physical printer, they will have a tag with a printer’s name attached to it. As they complete, they will be removed from the queue.

Print times are added manually by staff when jobs are started. For our powder and resin printers, there is no feedback to SimplyPrint for current print progress. The print time shown in the queue is the total print time for that file, not the current time to completion.

If you see an assigned printer tag and a print time, your job as been started. If you do not see either of those items on your job, then we are still waiting for a machine or staff to become available to review and start your job.