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Virtual Computing
Last updated: Aug 26, 2021

There is an app called Cisco VPN AnyConnect that when activated, makes your device think it is within Yale’s network allowing you to access systems and resources the general public cannot.

The Cisco VPN AnyConnect app for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from the Yale Software Library:

Once installed, run the Cisco VPN AnyConnect app.

In this field, type in (you should only need to do this once as the setting should stick)
In the following fields, you are required to enter you Yale NETID as the ‘Username’. Yale Password as ‘Password’. The ‘Second Password’ field refers to your choice of MFA method. Type in “push” if you are using the DUO app on a device, type “sms” if you would like a text, or type “phone” to receive a phone call.
Note: When you are done working with Yale resources, you should disconnect and quit out of the Cisco VPN AnyConnect app.