Last updated: Mar 04, 2024

If you’re using your personal Mac laptop and would like to add one of the school printers to your printer list, follow these steps:

Step One:

While within the Finder, click on the Apple menu in the upper left hand corner of your screen. Select and click System Preferences.

Add mac printer1

Step Two:

In the Preferences window that opens, click on the Printers & Scanners button, which can be found in the second row.

Add mac printer2

Step Three:

In the Printers & Scanners window, click on the + sign underneath the left window pane to add a new printer.

Add mac printer3
Another window will open with a toolbar row of buttons across the top for the type of printer you would like to add. Click on the Advanced button on the toolbar. If you don’t see the Advanced button, hold down the Control key on the keyboard as you click on the toolbar, and choose Customize Toolbar.
Add mac printer4

A sub-window with various buttons will appear; this allows you to customize the buttons on the toolbar.

Click on the Advanced button and drag it onto the toolbar. Once you’ve done so, click Done.

Add mac printer5

Step Four:

Once you’ve added the Advanced button to the toolbar, click on the button. In the window below, select Windows printer via spoolss for the type of printer.

In the URL field, type in “smb://”, replacing your-printer-name with the name of the printer you’re attempting to add, such as Photocopier.

In the Name field, enter the name you wish to use to identify this printer in your printer list.

If you already have the drivers for this printer installed, you can select the driver from the Use dropdown menu. Otherwise, leave Generic PCL Printer selected.

Lastly click on Add.

Macos addprinter

If you want to map a school printer or plotter, but do not know the name, you can see the list a list of printers from a school workstation.

Click on the Start Button and choose Settings.

Add mac printer10
Add mac printer11
Select Devices
Select Printers & Scanners on the left side of the window. A list of printers and plotters names will appear in the center of the window. These printer names are the ones that you should enter.
Add mac printer12

Step Five:

Click Add and the printer will be added.

Add mac printer8

Sending Jobs to the Printer:

When sending to a print job to a school printer, you will see an authentication window that asks for your name and password.

In the “Name” field, enter “yalenetid

In the “Password” field, enter your Yale password.

If you want to save your credentials so that they don’t have to be entered each time you print, you can click the box for Remember this password in my keychain.

Add mac printer9